Personality Match


General Questions:

No, it would be a waste to limit such an effective matching algorithm to romance only. You can also search for and find people interested in friendship.
Yes, only during the introductory offer period. We are providing all of our services for free to our early adopters as an introductory offer.
No, we do not require any credit card or other payment information at all during the introductory offer period. There is also no obligation to keep your account active when the introductory offer expires.
Only if you want to keep your account and continue to use it. If you decide to deactivate your account at that point, you will not be required to pay.

Logging in with Facebook:

No, your real name and your picture are not used anywhere on the site and will not be accessible to any other user.
No. We will not post any status updates, show up in your likes list or in your profile just for logging in with a Facebook account. You don’t even have to adjust any settings somewhere. Your Facebook friends will not know that you have anything to do with unless you tell them.

Using the site:

Once you are logged in, you will see the "Edit Profile" button at the top right hand corner of each page. That button takes you to the “Edit my Profile” page where you can edit the text you wrote about yourself and change your answers in any questionnaire category. You can edit the text you wrote about yourself as often as you like, but keep in mind that, for each questionnaire category, you can only update your answers once every two months.

You can only send messages to people who have smiled at you, so if the person you are interested in already smiled at you, you can go ahead and send him/her a message.

If the person you are interested in has not smiled at you yet, you should smile at him/her first and wait for him/her to smile back at you or contact you before you can send him/her a message.

If they are not behaving themselves, you should report them and you can also block them after that, if you like. If they are not doing anything that should be reported but you find them annoying, or don't want to have anything to do with them for some reason, you can just block that user.
When you report another user we will review that user's profile and take appropriate action (do nothing, issue warning, or terminate account, depending on the severity of the offense.) They will not know who reported them.
Click on their username to go to their profile page. Right underneath the "Username in his/her own words" section (what they wrote about themselves) you'll see a small gray button with an exclamation mark on it. Click on it, and select the "Block user" option.
When you block a user, you and the blocked person will no longer be able to:
  • View each others' profile pages
  • See each other in search results
  • Send each other messages (If you have already exchanged messages, both sides will continue to have access to them on the "Messages" page)

The blocked user will not know whether you blocked them or if your account became inactive. They just won’t be able to have anything to do with you on anymore.

If you block someone but don't report them, we do not review their profile, or take any action against them.

Blocking is permanent. You won't be able to unblock later.

Blocking is permanent. You won't be able to unblock later.